DOREEN: Well, Bruce, that's the way it feels to me at this moment. But let me tell you something, Mr. Boyd. You can devote yourself to fetuses, but I'm devoting myself to children - children who are bounced around foster homes, children who drop out of school, children who are homeless, children who take drugs, children who have health problems noone gives a damn about, and yes, Mr. Boyd, children who have no business having children. Unwanted children who are abused - small children who are burned or beaten so badly they have to go to the hospital. You can see that time and again and it never fails to tear your heart out. Get those unwanted fetuses out, get them out as babies and we'll have a never ending supply of children to rescue except there aren't enough of us and there isn't the money for it. Yes, I killed my fetus-child. It was so very hard, but I wasn't ready for her. And she wasn't a child; she was a mass of cells. But in my mind she was a child so it wasn't easy. Well, do you think it's easy to take care of an eleven year-old boy, Timmy Sandini, who has tried to commit suicide three times because no one but me cares whether he lives or dies? Oh, Mr. Boyd, these things are a hell of a lot more complex than quoting a chapter in the bible. It would be good if you were not so sure of yourself.