"Joyous! A colorful, lovable and mostly mature cast. Mr. Abrons's premise is not only a brilliant idea for a play, but also a brilliant strategy for getting through the twighlight years."

"Every Day A Visitor Richard Abrons strikes a praiseworthy blow
for the individuality of the elderly.”

“The Road to Reconciliation, Complete With a Porn Star”

“Mesmerizing [and] . . . thought-provoking."

“Phillp Rose has staged Abrons' unsettling story with tension, grace, and wit. Together they have fashioned a contemporary social drama along the lines of Odets, offering both sides Of reasoning on the topics being debated. Their ensemble cast works well together, with Rubens as the opinionated patriarch. Hutchison and Coleman as the outspoken interracial couple, and Gammy L. Singer as the family cook giving the most compelling portrayals.”

“Abrons handles this familiar material deftly in light
comedic fashion and he writes character beautifully.”

"...a provocative play of ideas, the kind that is in too short supply.."

“A highlight is the almost surreal moment when Bruce and the family's cook, Cecelia (the affable Gammy L. Singer), suddenly drop into a playful massa'-slave routine… It's a moment of very smart playwriting, in which an interesting and unexpected bit of human interaction tells us an enormous amount about the characters and those around them.”

“Detours on the path to enlightenment”

"...can an arch conservative and an equally
arch liberal find romantic happiness together?"

"Wink, Wink, Nod.  James Carville and Mary Matalin must be ecstatic.  
A whole play written about them..."

“The Body Politic is heavy on clever repartee...
will surely be enjoyed by a politically aware audience.”

“...have crafted a whip-cracker of a tale...”

“I was completely charmed.”

“This is a smart play.”

“...surprising, well played and charming.”