Every Day A Visitor by Richard AbronsEvery Day A Visitor

A sweet and sparkling comedy in the manner of You Can't Take It With You and King of Hearts.

The production is set in a Jewish home for the aged in the Bronx. The residents are cranky, argumentative about their surroundings and each other. To change their perspective and respect for each other, they each play-act somebody famous. This leads to a renewed vitality, imaginative relationships and plain old-fashioned fun.

The Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row, NYC
Nov/Dec 2013

produced by New Federal Theater
directed by Margarett Perry

Bern Cohen,
Irma-Estel Laguerre
George Morfogen 
Henry Packer 
Joan Porter 
Evan Thompson 
Raphael Nash Thompson 
Teddy Coluca 
Janet Sarno


"Joyous! A colorful, lovable and mostly mature cast. Mr. Abrons's premise is not only a brilliant idea for a play, but also a brilliant strategy for getting through the twighlight years."

Every Day A Visitor by Richard Abrons

McGinn/Cazale Theatre, NYC - May 2001
produced by New Federal Theatre, NYC
directed by Arthur Strimling

Lisa Bostnar
Tom Brennan
John Freiann
Sylvia Gassell
Kenneth Gray
Helen Hanft
Joe Jamrog
Jerry Matz
Anthony Spina
Fiona Walsh

"Every Day A Visitor Richard Abrons strikes a praiseworthy blow
for the individuality of the elderly.