The Brothers Berg by Richard AbronsThe Brothers Berg

HERE THEATER April, 2000

produced by New Federal Theatre, NYC
directed by Jay Broad

Lisa Bostnar
Davis Hall
Doug olear
Len Stanger
Carolyn Vujcec

presented by New Federal Theatre

an incendiary comedy/drama about the life-long battle between two brothers, one a rabbi, the other a world famous novelist whose writings have been interpreted as anti-semitic. a modern fable about family, belief, and the need for understanding.

cast: 3 male, 2 female - ages 30 - 50

"The idea of two squabbling brothers, a rabbi and a famous iconoclastic novelist, suggests certain amiable cliches and "the brothers berg," a new comedy by richard abrons at HERE in the South Village covers all of them and a few more besides."

"The Brothers Berg" is an interesting and provocative first play by Richard Abrons."

"...a provocative play of ideas, the kind that is in too short supply.."